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Lisa Franklin, LCSW

Lisa Franklin is a licensed clinical social worker and is passionate about helping highly sensitive people go from feeling overwhelmed and shut down to empowered and in control. Lisa is intentional about seeing and hearing you and your story. Lisa will help you to discern next steps in finding your voice and taking back control of your life. Lisa believes you are the expert on your own life and will help you figure out where to start.

Lisa uses her training and expertise to help individuals and families restore balance in their lives. Lisa believes in helping you or your loved one, find the right tools to restore peace in your lives and homes. Areas of expertise include highly sensitive persons (adults, teens & children), anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues, behavioral interventions, parent/child conflict and adjustment issues. In fact, Lisa wrote a workbook to teach parents and children how to manage their High Sensitivity. You can find a link to the workbook here.

Lisa offers workshops to schools, educators, pastors and parents on behavioral issues, anxiety, trauma, and self-harm. For a reasonable fee, Lisa will conduct a 30 minute to 1-hour workshop. Lisa engages audiences by using her sense of humor, knowledge and expertise to cover important issues surrounding these issues. Lisa has a workshop designed especially for pastors and parents to help them answer the questions about homosexuality and the Bible, specifically when children or students open up about their homosexual attractions.

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