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How to be an A+ Therapy Student

I have a friend who is in therapy and when she first started, she sent me memes about how she was going to do so great in therapy, and her therapist was going to be very impressed. What I appreciated about my friend sending these memes, other than having a good laugh, is that I

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Questions to Ask a Therapist, Counselor or Psychologist 

So, you found a therapist who you think might be right for you. What questions should you ask to make sure they are the right fit for your needs?  What is appropriate to say or not say during the initial phone consultation?  When you finally decide to call a therapist, you most likely are feeling

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FAQs for Starting Therapy

I am so happy that many people have decided to get mental health counseling but I also know that so many therapists are booked right now. It’s been a tough spot for many of me and the counselors I know right now. We’re trying to find the right balance for our own time and energy

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How to Help a Loved One in Crisis

My baby was only about three weeks old when his older brother got sick. Call it motherly instinct, but I knew almost immediately that we would likely end up in the hospital with the little one after he caught whatever his brother had. Sure enough, about 5 days later, we were in the hospital with

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Back to School = Change + Transitions 

This time of year, at least in Indiana, marks the end of summer and a new school year for many people. The beginning of the school year is usually an exciting transition for many but for highly sensitive persons, it can be exciting AND difficult! Because of this, I like to write about transitions this

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People-pleasing and Anxiety

We recently returned from vacation, and I noticed that I had a very different reaction than I used to when I would be out of the office for a week. When I used to leave for vacation, I had a lot of anxiety that something would get missed, that one of my clients would need

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Anxiety: What to do When You Get Stuck

recently read a story about a college professor who brought in a glass of water and held it over her head. She then proceeded to ask the class about to guess how heavy the glass of water was. After several guesses, the professor said, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is how long I hold

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Anxiety: Why Change is So Hard

Change is one of the most common reasons people come to therapy. Many people are experiencing the challenges and changes that come with life. Most change happens slowly overtime, and people tend to be able to adjust to these easily because these changes are hardly noticeable. But anytime people experience a big change (e.g., moving,

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Anxiety: When to Seek Help

Hearing the word “normal” these days feels very overused. While I understand people are saying there are a lot of things that feel like they did in a Pre-Pandemic world, I personally feel like our world has changed, and a lot over the last 15 months. Every therapist I know is booking several weeks to

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Quick and Easy Fixes: Healthy Communication Part II

Conflict in the home or workplace is part of our lives, whether we like it or not. I don’t think it’s realistic to assume that you will never have conflict with anyone that you have a relationship with. In fact, research shows that in any kind of conflict is not how often or how intense

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Quick and Easy Fixes: Healthy Communication Part I

When I was teaching fifth grade in Texas, I had a student who was failing my class because he would not turn in any of the assignments. The stakes were particularly high for this student because, at the time, Texas had a guideline that stated if students did not pass Reading and Math in 5th

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Quick and Easy Fixes: Getting into a Good Routine

When the children were babies, I kept a sleep/eat/play schedule like clockwork. I felt like I had to because I needed to know when I could get some rest! As they got older and gave up naps, it was harder to keep a good routine and I have no doubt it caused me more than

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